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When one door of happiness closes another one opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us – Helen Keller

Dr. Ned Snyder, Jen Caserta, Julie Ingram and staff extraordinaire opened a door for me beginning a new journey just a few days after my 55th birthday – hallelujah!

My diagnosis came in September 2009 – I found “the lump” in August. Appointments, biopsies, diagnosis and decisions. Mastectomy was a simple decision for me as a lumpectomy was out of the question. Bilateral mastectomy came easy as well as I preferred to not have to visit the idea of breast surgery in the future.

My concern was reconstruction and the options I’d been given were simply quite limited to implants. I had heard of the concept of the DIEP procedure – using my own tissue to reconstruct my breasts. I initiated my research – yes, thru the internet. I spoke with staff at the Breast Cancer Research Center here in Austin and I received 2nd opinions. I gathered as much information as I could from the large cancer hospitals – MD Anderson, Sloan-Kettering & Johns Hopkins.

And then I searched closer to home and lo and behold there is Dr. Snyder – on my computer screen – in Austin! The idea that I could have reconstruction without leaving my home was absolutely amazing. I wanted the best for me and there be no question I have 100% utmost confidence in my plastic surgeon and staff. I come from a medical background – my father and grandfather were both physicians and surgeons. I interviewed Dr. Snyder not once but twice with my husband by my side asking questions as well. He answered all of our questions with precise, professional and compassionate expertise and he had a sense of humor to boot! I give accolades to his staff’s complete attention and knowledge – I was never alone in this journey. Has it been a walk in the park – no surgery is. With Dr. Snyder and his staff walking with me every step of the way, preparing me for surgery, recovery and follow-up procedures the journey has been a moving experience. I hold them all dear in my heart and will sing their praises. We are so blessed to have them in Austin.

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