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A freelance writer shares her personal CoolSculpting story with!

Beauty Choice AwardShe focuses on the angle that every woman has that “thing” they want smaller, tighter or just different – very realistic and very relatable. Dr. Kauvar treated her inner and outer thighs over the summer, and the result is an in-depth look at the treatment process with a very positive take-away. Our corporate public relations agency secured this opportunity as part of our CoolSmooth applicator and thigh indication pitching efforts. has 4.6M unique visitors and 23M total views each month.

In addition, the writer was so happy with her CoolSculpting experience, that she agreed to film patient testimonial videos for us! The English version will soon be posted on and our social media platforms, and the Spanish version will be posted on Both versions will be available on CoolNet Advertising Resources and the Microsite Builder Site. Of note, there were multiple Spanish-speaking consultants at the video shoot who oversaw the translation.

3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation




Surgery-Free Fix for Saddlebags

Meet Amy, Diane, Julia and Leah

Amy - Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Diane - Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Julia - Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Leah - Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is Your Right!

Does the Media Misrepresent Plastic Surgery?

Freezing Away Love Handles on your Lunch Break

“Wake Up to New Breasts After Your Mastectomy”

CoolSculpting and newer CoolSmooth treatments freeze fat away

CoolSculpting is the device which has allowed doctors to freeze fat cells away from the abdomen and other parts of the body — except for the thigh. The recently FDA approved CoolSmooth applicator now makes that a reality as well.

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Austin Lifestyle Magazine | Deconstructing Breast Reconstruction Surgery


Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Breast Augmentation

If you gathered 25 women in a room, you might be surprised how many of them have had breast implant surgery. It isn’t just for Hollywood starlets and top models, the neighbor next door may be part of a growing number of women who want to feel better about their look.

In 2011, more than 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries were performed in the United States and the numbers continue to climb each year. Still, women have questions about what to expect before and after the operation, along with concerns about size and shape. Dr. Ned Snyder of Austin, Texas guides us through the process to a new you, describing the Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before A Breast Augmentation.

By: Ned Snyder, MD

and Dawn Tongish

#1 – Which Type Of Breast Implant Is Best For Me?

Women want to feel beautiful inside and out and to achieve that confidence, they are turning to breast augmentation, says Dr. Ned Snyder. “Breast augmentation is one of the top consultations that we see in our office. Woman want to feel good in their clothes and boost their confidence in the workplace.” Once a woman has decided on breast augmentation, often her first question is about which breast implant is the best choice. Dr. Snyder explains the difference between the options available, but says he uses primarily silicone gel.

“There are saline, which really just a bag of water and there are silicone gel implants. If someone has almost no breast tissue, there may be an advantage to putting in something that is shaped or natural, but if someone just wants to go up a cup size, it may be less important what it is shaped like.” Dr. Snyder explains his preference at his practice.

“At our practice in Austin, I use mostly round silicone.”

#2 – What Breast Implant Size Is Best For Me?

If you polled most women considering breast augmentation, their goal wouldn’t be to stand out from the crowd. Experts say the desired result, for most is to look better in a bathing suit and fit most types of clothing with ease. “Most women don’t want everyone to know they have had augmentation. They just have a goal to look better in what they wear.”

To help a woman decide what implant size is best, Dr. Snyder uses devices called, “sizers” and sports bras. “I have them sit in front of a mirror with this new look on and see how it looks. They might even bring in a girlfriend or a spouse to see if someone else likes the size on them.” Dr. Snyder says a photo is always helpful. “A picture can work great because that gives me an idea of what they want to look like. It is a starting point.”

#3 – Who Is the Best Candidate For A Breast Augmentation?

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are seeking breast augmentations and experts say there are good candidates from nearly all walks of life. “Some are younger, like the 22-year old woman who has never been pregnant and just wants to look better in a bathing suit,” says Dr. Snyder. He says the majority of his clients are women who are a bit older, who are done having children. “They are past the pregnancy years. The childbirth has really taken a toll on their body and the breast has deflated. They want to get it fixed.”

This breast augmentation might be a stand alone procedure or part of a bigger Mommy Makeover, involving several procedures like a Tummy Tuck and liposuction.

#4 – What Can I Expect During The Breast Surgery?

You can expect relatively little downtime with breast augmentation. “Breast augmentation is a simple procedure. It takes about an hour or so and usually the patient goes home the same day,” says Dr. Snyder. The patient can be back to normal activities in 3-5 days, according to experts. More strenuous workouts, like jogging could take longer to recover. New, long-acting pain medications injected into the muscle during the procedure help patients recover with greater ease.

#5 – Will There Be A Lot Of Down Time? Will I have To Miss Work Or School?

Breast augmentation candidates may be surprised to learn that they won’t need a lot of recovery time post-surgery. “If we do the procedure on Thursday, most people can be back to work by Monday or Wednesday at the latest. Our patients are usually feeling fairly good within a few days,” says Dr. Snyder.

“It really isn’t a lot of downtime and most women say they wished they hadn’t waited so long.” Women don’t have to feel embarrassed about wanting a new look. Insecurities or body image worries can be swept away for good. You can feel good about your decision to get implants because so many other women are making the same choice.

“Many times it is just about getting your body back to a place that it once was, where you feel better and look like you once did.” says Dr. Snyder.


Does the Media Misrepresent Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery continues to be one of the most talked about medical fields in mainstream media. Elective aesthetic procedures by celebrities and normal people alike are of extreme interest to the general public, enough so that many TV shows, internet blogs and magazines devote themselves entirely to the topic. While this allows for much publicity, typically plastic surgery is seen in a negative light following ridiculous procedures and botched results from unqualified practitioners. As with most news, bad news is always the most interesting.

Dr. Ned Snyder IV from Austin, Texas and Dr. Caroline Glicksman of New Jersey sit down to discuss plastic surgery’s place in mainstream media and whether or not the sensationalized stories are appropriate for patients.

By: Caroline A. Glicksman, MD /Ned Snyder IV, MD

and Adam McMillon

Plastic Surgery and the Media

Nested Sequence 15.Still002Nowadays it seems that bad news is much more popular than good news, but maybe it’s always been that way! Plastic surgery is no exception when it comes to media stories; botched procedures, seemingly “crazy” people having equally crazy procedures done to make themselves ready for the circus, or simply a celebrity who got a bit too much done. For the casual person not particularly educated on plastic surgery, how are they supposed to know about the positive results that make up the vast majority of procedures?

“I think most of the information presented in the media is not good, and most of the plastic surgery mentioned is sensationalized,” says Dr. Snyder. “Much of what we see are bad outcomes, or not great outcomes, and gives the public the wrong message about what plastic surgery is.”

Perhaps you are interested in a plastic surgery procedure to smooth some wrinkles, or repair your stretched abdomen after having children. How are you supposed to have confidence when famous people appear in the media with poor results?

plastic-surgery-3Taking the Good with the Bad

While the negativity may be overwhelming, Dr. Glicksman has a different perspective. “Any awareness, any information gets the ball rolling,” she says. “It gets patients curious to seek out more information. Most women see something on TV, then go to the internet, then read some more, then go to a consultation, so I think it approves awareness.” Indeed, we are living in the internet age, a time when a quick Google search brings up more information than you know what to do with. Patients now have the opportunity to read about procedures, compare surgeons and even read reviews from past patients all from the comfort of their home.

That’s not to say that healthy skepticism isn’t a requirement when reading celebrity gossip and tabloids. “Credibility is questionable, the shows have to be taken with a grain of salt,” says Glicksman. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.” We live in a time when information is abundant and at our disposal, a time when board certified plastic surgeons lend their patient’s results to their websites in order for would-be patients to take a look and see that the results of an expert are exactly what they’re looking for.

Austin Physicians Earn Best Doctors in America Award

Ned Snyder IV, M.D. and Robert Whitfield, M.D. Chosen Among Peers as Best in Class

AUSTIN, TX – Jan. 30, 2014 – The Breast & Body Center of Austin today announced that Dr. Ned Snyder, IV and Dr. Robert Whitfield have been selected by their physician peers across the nation as Best Doctors in America for 2014. This is the second consecutive year that Dr. Whitfield has been honored with the award and the first year that Dr. Snyder has received the award.

The Best in Doctors recognition is awarded following exhaustive and impartial survey of fellow physicians nationwide. Only the top five percent of all physicians in the United States earn this top recognition. A consensus of support must be reached by the peer physicians in order to be included in the list and physicians cannot apply for nor pay for inclusion.

Ned Snyder IV, M.D. is the founder of The Breast & Body Center of Austin and is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgeons. Snyder is the original DIEP surgeon in the Austin area and specializes in DIEP flaps and microsurgical breast reconstruction.

Robert Whitfield, M.D. is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Medical Association and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Whitfield focuses on providing cutting edge techniques in breast reconstruction including fat grafting with and without BRAVA, single stage silicone breast implant reconstruction, two stage breast reconstruction, and microsurgical breast reconstruction using the DIEP flap.

“Dr. Whitfield and I are honored and proud to be recognized by our peers as Best Doctors in America again this year,” said Ned Snyder IV, M.D., founder of The Breast and Body Center of Austin. “Ultimately, we are passionate about ensuring the absolute best, natural looking outcomes for our patients.”

Since 2005, the Breast and Body Center of Austin has been committed to creating healthier and happier lives in the Austin area. Collectively our surgeons bring over 25 years of experience in complex hand, cancer reconstruction and cosmetic surgeries.




TeVido BioDevices in Austin, Texas, have utilized 3-D printing to print living cells out of tissue. Dr. Ned Snyder IV, a board certified plastic surgeon in Austin who specializes in breast reconstruction, sat down with The Plastic Surgery Channel to discuss the promising research and how it could be a game-changer in his specialized field of breast reconstruction.

Read about it and watch the video Here!

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