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Other tissue reconstruction options are available to patients that have had previous abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) or other surgical procedures that preclude the use of abdominal tissue for breast reconstruction. In addition, very thin or athletic patients may not have enough abdominal subcutaneous fat to be a candidate for SIEA or DIEP breast reconstruction.

In many of these patients, the inner thighs can be used to reconstruct small and medium breasts.  In a Transverse Upper Gracilis (TUG) flap, skin from the inner thigh along with the underlying gracilis muscle is used to provide a well vascularized and shapely reconstruction. Unlike loss of the rectus muscle, loss of the gracilis muscle does not result in any significant increase in hernias or functional loss in the legs. Although the TUG flap is not performed widely in the United States, we believe this reconstruction is an excellent choice for many patients and provides great aesthetic results we have seen. The unique shape of the tissue removed from the inner thigh allows shaping of a breast with an almost ideal contour and projection. TUG flaps are the second most common tissue flap by the surgeons at the Breast & Body Center of Austin.

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