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Written Testimonials

“When I look at myself in the mirror, I see something that makes me happy.”

- Amy

“So much is going through your mind, but at the end of the rainbow, it’s a new lady.”

- Diane

“I finally feel like my old self again, And its amazing to look as good as you feel.”

- Julia

“Life is so much closer to what it was before diagnosis. I feel whole again.”

- Leah

“Ashley, I can’t tell you how much your reference letter means to my family and I. And yes, we teared up, big time. It is so eloquent and kind. You outdid yourself. I didn’t expect such a heartfelt letter. You all are always so swamped at work, I felt lucky to get any kind of letter from you, but the care you took in writing it tells me this: you are in the right line of work. You are not numb to what is going on with women and families, in regard to cancer. It is too often that you meet a patient coordinator or someone in this line of work who is “not really there”, popping their gum, with a blank stare in their eye that says, “sorry lady, you’re just another number today. I see this all the time and I’m just waiting for 5:00 to get here…”

If everyone was as kind and genuine as you, and everyone I have met in the office, even in Dr. Renee’s side of the building, this would be a much less scary monster to look in the eye and fight. You played a huge role in getting me to show up for the surgery, BTW. lol, but TRUE! You had a very calm, sweet, but confident way about you that told me I was in really good hands. I felt better about my choice after meeting you.

All of you in that office are a class act. I will always feel confident recommending women to Breast and Body Center of Austin. You have made a very positive difference in my life.

I will let you know how it goes with the contest.

With a heartfelt, huge “thank you!”,”

- Anonymous

“Alma, It was so great to meet you and Dr. Whitfield today. You really made me feel better about the decision to have this surgery. I wanted to apologize for forgetting to mention that I was allergic to the contrast when I have CT scans and MRI’s. I completely forgot about that. I wasn’t allergic until after I got cancer. The Paramedic ordered some pre-meds for me to take before my CT tomorrow so it shouldn’t be a problem. Again, thank you for making me feel so comfortable today.”

- Anonymous

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