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Implant based reconstruction is the most common type of breast reconstruction performed in the United States.  Many patients are good candidates for breast implant reconstruction.  An implant based reconstruction is a good option for a patient that is not a candidate for a tissue flap reconstruction or for patients desiring a shorter hospital stay and initial recovery.

Implant based reconstruction is typically a multi-step process where first, an inflatable implant called a tissue expander is placed in the breast pocket after the mastectomy is done.  The tissue expander is gradually inflated over several weeks in the office until it is filled to an adequate size.  After an appropriate period of time (typically 3 months), the expander is removed and an implant is placed within the newly expanded breast pocket.

There are also some instances where a tissue expander is not needed and the patient can go directly to implant placement after mastectomy.  The plastic surgeon will determine if skipping the tissue expander phase of reconstruction is an appropriate treatment plan.

Tissue expander/implant reconstruction may require multiple surgeries and lifelong maintenance of the breast implants, which may include eventual implant replacement later in life.  For women who need radiation for cancer treatment before or after surgery, the complication rate for an implant based reconstruction is higher than a tissue based reconstruction.

During your consultation at the Breast & Body Center of Austin, the board-certified plastic surgeons will help you decide which procedure is right for you.

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